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Idea Graveyard

Good ideas rarely reach orbit on their own.
Gravity keeps them earthbound.
So, let’s talk about how to launch ideas using thought leadership.

Many organizations have an idea graveyard. 🪦
Perhaps yours does too.
If you explore the idea graveyard,
you’ll find ideas that were probably “pretty good.”
but — for some reason — they never went anywhere.

So what keeps some ideas earthbound
while others sail smoothly into orbit?

It’s not the quality of the idea.

It’s relationships.

Relationships fuel thought leadership.

Whether you’re practicing thought leadership
as an individual or an organization —
your ability to build the right relationships
will mean the difference between
an idea that thrives ⭐
and one that will be quickly forgotten.

🪴Nurture relationships.
❤️Be purposeful, generous, and joyful.
🧲Attract like-minded people, and
🎴Invite them to join the movement.

If you want your idea to achieve impact,
get *really* good at relationships.

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