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How do you package your ideas?

How do you package your ideas?
🍣 Fresh thought leadership is tastier.
🥫 Canned ideas scale better (and lasts longer).
Let me explain.

The package–the offering–is how people encounter your idea.

You can present the same idea in different ways.
Much like fresh sushi and canned tuna.

Fresh ideas are prepared for a specific audience
and often even a specific one-time moment.
These offerings package ideas in original ways.
They are timely and tailored for your audience.
Fresh idea presentation takes a lot of work.
You can’t do it all the time.
It’s a premium experience. Use it selectively.

Canned ideas are pre-packaged ideas.
It’s not that the ideas are lesser.
They’re simply packaged in a way that someone
can “grab and go.”
Canned ideas are packaged in a way that you can
deploy them again and again.
They do not make references to a specific time or audience.

A thought leadership library needs a balance of both fresh and canned offerings.

Many organizations struggle with
thought leadership because they’re
creating everything fresh — and using it only once
or for just a quarter.

Thought leadership is a capital asset.
It should have a lifecycle of 5-7 years.
If you discard your thought leadership in a quarter,
you’re failing to capture much of its value.

So, what type of packaging does your org use for thought leadership?

Are you creating beautiful sashimi masterpieces?
Or are you preparing canned tuna?

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