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Great Value in Lousy Ideas

There’s great value in lousy ideas.
If you want to find a diamond 💎, you’ve got to mine ⛏️through a whole lot of rock.
I recently spoke with Jeremy Utley and Perry Klebahn. They teach at Stanford’s*. They share my fascination on how ideas reach scale.

Here’s a couple of takeaways from a upcoming podcast that will come out later this year.

1. Good ideas don’t just come from the C-suite. They can come from anywhere within the organization. So don’t fall in love with titles, pedigree, or status.

2. The best predictor of a finding good iddea is the total number of ideas iterated. They measure the rate of “ideaflow.”

3. It takes a surprising number of ideas to reach one that i actually good and worth acting on. They cite a 2000:1 ratio.

Yes — 2000:1.

To paraphrase Jaws 🦈, you’re going to need a bigger boat! 🛥️

So, there’s definitely a hierarchy of ideas —
not all ideas are good and useful.
There’s immense value in generating a lot of lousy ideas.

Poor ideas are worth celebrating —
if and only if they keep you going
and prompt you to generate more ideas.

The biggest mistake would be:
You come up with a poor idea and the come to a full stop.
You give up. “It’s not worth my time” you tell yourself.
Keep going!

Remember, if you want to find a diamond, you need to move a lot of rock.

Remember that 2000:1 ratio for ideas.

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