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Getting Through to Your Audience

Is your audience listening to your big ideas?
Or are they only focused on today’s crises?
When you practice thought leadership,
there’s always tension between today and tomorrow.

People in your target audience focus
most of their time and attention on
the things that need to be done today.

They’re not thinking about tomorrow!

And if you want to talk to them about challenges up ahead.
they may respond “I can’t focus on that now.”
They just want to get through today.

So, how do “get through” to your audience?
How do you help them hear your ideas?

In thought leadership, you need to do four things.

1. Understand your audience’s current pain points —
those things “on fire” 🔥and top-of-mind today.

2. Share your future-focused ideas in simple ways.

3. Signal relevance *very* fast — quickly show why your idea is worth of their precious time today.

4. Suggest a small next step they can take without much effort.

That’s how you create room for thought leadership ,
when your audience is focused on the urgency of *now*


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