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Four Primary Ways to Create New Ideas

Thought leadership is a lot of work! 💪

Thought leaders come up with amazing insights,
Building their ideas from experience
And sharing their content with those who need it most.

But how do smart people 💡 create their insights and ideas?

Great insights are the core of thought leadership.
In my twenty years of experience helping thought leaders,
I’ve classified four primary ways to create new ideas in thought leadership:

Forge, Sharpen, Weld, and Transform.

Forge: Hammer away at raw insights until you craft an idea.
🔪Sharpen: Take an existing idea and put a new edge on it.
⚡️Weld: Take ideas from two or more fields and combine them in a new way.
🚚 Transport: Take a well-established idea and move it into a new field.

All four of these ways can bring great insight.
They’re different ways of working.
And they often require different skills.

Some people seem to use one approach more than the others.
Other TLs use them all, moving fluidly between them as they craft their content.

So when you’re looking for new ideas, think about these techniques:

Forge, Sharpen, Weld, and Transform!

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