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Evaluating Your Ideas

“I’ve got a GREAT idea!” 💡
Thought leaders are idea-makers.
They’ve got core insights that get people to say, 📢
“Aha, now I see 👀 things differently!”

But how clear are your ideas, and can your audience
remember the ideas when they need them most? 🤔

Thought leadership is all about great ideas –
having them, developing them, and applying them.
Ideas are the basis of leadership that changes the world.

Ideas can be evaluated using several criteria:
Originality, Mastery, Quality, and Connection.

⭐ Originality: Has an audience heard these ideas before?
⭐ Mastery: Are they based on experience and expertise?
⭐ Quality: Do the ideas hold water? Are they actionable?
⭐ Connection: How do the ideas fit together?

I’ve seen some amazing thought leadership insights stumble, 😔
Just because they weren’t stated in a way
That made the audience sit up 🎉 and take notice –
or remember the ideas (and the thought leader),
when they were needed most.

When you’re putting your thought leadership out into the world,
take some time to think about the people you’re serving.
Make sure your ideas have originality, mastery, quality, and connection,
and they’ll serve you well!

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