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Does your organization have a thought leadership strategy?

Does your organization have a thought leadership strategy?
Here’s a simple hierarchy to evaluate:

0️⃣ = No signs of thought leadership activity in the org
1️⃣ = Some random thought leadership activity by individuals
2️⃣ = Someone has curating TL in the org (may be informal)
3️⃣ = Clear strategy for TL as function – creation, curation, and deployment
4️⃣ = Employees are encouraged, supported, and rewarded for practicing TL
5️⃣= TL skill development is part of the strategy.

Some time ago, I was chatting a global head of leadership development 🌎
And we were talking about talent pipelines.
We agreed, you can’t teach thought leadership skills overnight.

And you can’t just “hope” thought leaders will emerge in your high-po talent pool

Every organization should have a strategy to encourage and support
their employees creating thought leadership.
Here’s why.

Thought leadership can be a huge benefit 🏆 to any company.
It can develop leadership and expertise in your employees,
And give your company a boost 📈 in visibility, strategy, and revenue.

Employee thought leaders are specialists; experts.
They can teach and inspire others to excel.
It requires two very important things:
knowledge and trust.

Identify people who want to learn how to practice thought leadership.
Then invest in their skills.
And support them as they build a voice and a following for their ideas.

That’s a win-win situation for everybody.

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