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Does Your Org Promote “Content Insecurity?”

Does your org promote “content insecurity?”
Many individuals struggle with “content insecurity.”

They have a really good raw idea.
But they keep it quiet – because they feel
“it’s not good enough an idea, yet.”

So, they keep polishing the idea,
hoping to reach that mythic 💯.

Here’s a secret.
Ideas advance best when they’re put out into the world and debated candidly.

🧪 Scientists use the peer review process to test and refine ideas.
📊 Marketers seek input through panels and focus groups.
💾 Software developers go through a series of alpha- and beta-tests before release.
🎬 Filmmakers invite test screenings before they refine their final edits.

Organizations need to be better at encouraging
their internal experts to share ideas.

Even if the idea is raw
or even just half-baked.

But many cultures suppress early-stage ideas
or dismiss them out of hand.

If your org produces thought leadership,
It needs a pipeline of early-stage ideas.

What is your org doing to promote that ideation?

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