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How do You Distill Thought Leadership to its Essence?

Many thought leaders gather content like magpies 🐦 decorating a nest.
They’re intellectually curious and constantly exploring topics that interest them.

🎀 Here’s a shiny button.
🧵 Here’s a piece of string.

Sure, magpies end up with a lot of content,
but that will never build a cohesive platform for your thought leadership.

You’re doing things the hard way!

Once, we had a thought leader show up with stacks of content
addressing so many questions that her message became hard to grasp – or find! 🐦

It was like a hoarder’s version of thought leadership.

Yet within all that material 📖📖, she had solid ideas.
They were just getting lost in the nest.

So, how do you take an organization’s years of diverse thought leadership
and distill it down to its essence? ⭐

Ask yourself these questions:

🚨 Which ideas are your core?
🚨 Which ideas does the world need most?
🚨 What’s just noise?

Lastly, evaluate your content’s timeliness.
Will this material still be relevant and meaningful in five years? Ten?

To be successful, you have to review your insights,
find the strongest ones,
and let the rest go.

That’s really, really hard.
But it’s essential.

Don’t be a magpie! 🐦 Stick to your best work, and keep it relevant and clear.

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