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Curate Content for Your Audience

People who look for thought leadership on the web
Can find themselves flooded by all kinds of content.

They’re asking themselves,

❓ What sort of content do I need?
❓ What problem am I trying to solve?
❓ Why can’t I find someone who has the solution?

We’re all overwhelmed by data.

As a thought leader, you might only have a few minutes
to “hook” your audience.

Time is a scarce resource for important decision-makers.
If your content doesn’t get right to the point,
you’re probably not going to gain their attention.

When you’re serving your audience,
you have to curate ideas and content for them.

I often think of it as a chef’s menu 🍽️
or a sommelier’s wine list. 🍷

“This is what I’m calling to your attention,
because I think it’s especially relevant to you and your interests . . . ”

Discover what your audience actually needs,
where their pain points are,
and how you can help.

Then, give them the information they’re looking for.

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