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Books and Ideas

When I was young, books were my friends.
Now, as I get older,
I hear my friend’s voices
inside the books they’ve written.

As a child, I revered book authors.
My father was a librarian, so
books had a special place in our house.

Now, I see book authors differently.

Authors are people with ideas.

They’re pretty *determined* people, actually.

Because it takes a lot of work
to write & publish a book.

For many authors, the book
represents years of the life’s work.

The book reflects their:

👀 curiosity
🧠 thinking
♥️ passion &
🙃 viewpoint

So when we sit down to read a book —
it’s infused with the author’s self.

A book is a chance to touch
another person’s mind.

If we read carefully, we can:

See how they see the world.
Learn a bit of what they know.
Hear their voice.

That’s amazing, really.

It’s a rainy 🌧️ Sunday here in Vegas.
(it’s monsoon season in the desert)

This afternoon —
I’m making a cup of tea
and settling in with a #book 📕
filled with good ideas
written by a friend.

I’m proud to be a bookish person.
How about you?

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