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Are your ideas too complex?

I ask #thoughtleaders this question a lot:
Are your ideas too complex?

Imagine that you’re at coffee ☕with a good friend,
who is also a seasoned #business person.
This friend asks you, “Tell me about your thought leadership content?”

Now, we’ve all had moments
where we give someone a quick answer to a question, 📣
and then two days later, say to ourselves:

“Oh, I really should have said “THIS” instead! It would have been perfect! ” 😕😖

Thought leaders need to focus on creating a really smart answer to the question:
“What is your thought leadership’s core idea?”

Time ⏱️ is a scarce resource for important decision-makers.
If you can’t respect their time,
you’re probably not going to earn their trust or attention.

This can be really difficult for thought leaders with a lot of #content under their belt.

🖊️By condensing your thought leadership into a few, simple sentences,
you focus on what’s really important –
making it understandable, and most of all, memorable.

And that means the next time someone asks you about your content,
you’ll know exactly what to say.

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