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Accelerating Ideas

The world needs better ideas.
So how can we accelerate 👟 the process?

🦥 Sometimes the best ideas move slowly.
🐇Meanwhile. other ideas scamper amazingly fast.

In the world of thought leadership,
I’d rather have a strong community
Than a perfect 💯 idea.

Ideas move at the speed of sound
People hear 🎧 an idea, and then, share it with others
And that’s how the insight reaches its audience.

If you’re sitting on an idea,
Polishing, polishing, polishing,
The idea isn’t moving. It’s sleeping. 💤

If you want to wake it up, share it.
When you do, it’ll be like a jackrabbit, 🐰
Leaping from listener to listener.

The community will help you refine it,
They’ll talk about it,
They’ll share it,
And it will flourish.

That’s how we accelerate the flow of ideas.

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