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A Good Thought Leadership Platform Is…

What’s a thought leadership platform?
Having a great idea 💡 isn’t enough.
Sharing those insights with a few people isn’t going to gain the traction 👟👟 you need.

Like a high-diver 🤿, you need a good platform!

A platform is a concise, clearly expressed statement
that introduces your thought leadership and captures your audience’s attention.

Like the high-diver, you stand on the platform,
Ready yourself, and take the leap. 🐟
But if your platform isn’t stable, your dive will be all over the place!

A platform makes your thought leadership “sticky.”
When you distill your ideas into a few strong, credible points,
people remember you when they see a problem you can solve.

Platform can be evaluated with several criteria:
First Impression, Focus, Relevance, and Stickiness.

1️⃣ First impression: Does the platform attract attention?

2️⃣ Focus: Does it address one theme or many?

3️⃣ Relevance: Does it speak to an important “need” or “want”?

4️⃣ Stickiness:  Is the platform memorable and easy-to-understand?

Once you have a strong platform,
you’ll be ready to take that leap,
and you’ll have the right footing
to make sure your dive into thought leadership is a success.

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