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3 Questions Your Org’s Thought Leaders Need to Answer

Thought leadership can give you access
to executives, VIPs, and policymakers.
In that world, insights are your entry ticket 🎟️.

Well-crafted thought leadership can help you or your org
“Punch above your weight.” 🥊🥊🥊

Small firms use thought leadership to compete with global 🌏 firms.
And large firms use it to enter into new markets.

Thought leadership provides you and your org entry,
but it does not guarantee your success.

So, how can a thought-leader David compete
with established Goliaths in a field? ⚔️

To make a real impact, an organization’s thought leaders
needs to answer three critical questions:

❓What unique problems can we solve?
❓Who will find our ideas most relevant?
❓What insights can we offer that the others cannot?

If you’re going to start practicing thought leadership,
you need to scale your expectations.

Know your lane and then own it.
Be persistent.
Success won’t come the first time you press “send.”

Your audience will need to hear your idea
multiple times before they accept it and put it to use.

Use your ideas and talents to give your thought leadership maximum impact,
and show that you can create change for a company, no matter what their size.

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