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You’ve got to have a Business Plan

Philosophy is a great and noble calling,
but if you want to make a living from your ideas,
and join the ranks of successful #thoughtleadership
you’ve got to have a business plan.

One of our clients works with kids who’ve been victims of bullying. 😢
Occasionally, he’d travel to local schools 🚸 , trying to raise awareness
and stop bullying before it happens.

It sounded like a great idea at first,
but frankly, the schools didn’t have the money💵 to pay him a fair rate.
It was simply more financially stable
to work with kids who had already been harassed,
rather than try to solve the problem where it started
– and that sucks.

Everybody agreed that his ideas were #relevant.
They just couldn’t pay him enough for his business to survive.

The world needs philosophers 🤔💭, but it also needs thought leaders 🎖️;
people with the drive, ability, and productization capable of helping others.

They do a lot of hard work creating content and products
to help others solve tough problems,
and they need revenue in order to fuel their businesses
and help people all over the world.

Philosophy is great, but thought leaders need to be paid appropriately for their ideas.
That means if you want to pursue thought leadership,
then you need to be able to support yourself with the sale of content and offerings.

Your ideas are valuable. 💵💵
You know it – and when you make the leap from philosopher to thought leader,
you’re just making sure that other people know it, too.

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