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See below for workshops to enhance the thought leadership skills of you and your team.


Thought Leadership Leverage has a long history of working with business thought leaders: speakers, authors, executive coaches, and performance improvement professionals. In recent years, we have found an ever-increasing number of organizations seeking to build thought leadership as a stand-alone, or marketing-related function, to promote either their organization, a product, or both. Often, the people tasked with creating a thought leadership discipline are unfamiliar with the rigor required for successful thought leadership.

Thought Leadership Leverage has solutions which can be used independently or as a complete package to kick start a new thought leadership department, or to enhance the knowledgebase of an existing or growing thought leadership group.

Audience Targeting for Impact

If we want our ideas to achieve impact, we first need people to listen. And in a noisy world, that’s not easy.

We have to narrowcast our insights — targeting specific audiences with tailored versions of the insight.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll share how to identify target audiences, and we’ll talk about the ways you can earn their attention and motivate them to take action.

You’ll leave the session with a planning canvas that will help you and your team think more effectively around targeting audiences.

Repurposing with Purpose
  • Build on the concept of the Four Elements
  • Discuss specific examples of your campaigns
  • Introduce a framework to guide repurposing
  • Discuss the power of intentional repetition
  • Explore how repurposing aligns with your goals.
How Ideas Reach Scale

Big ideas won’t change the world on their own.

Organizational thought leaders focus on the intersection of community building and thought leadership, and most of them know the secret: it’s better to have a strong, interested community than a perfectly polished idea.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Examine the concept of Leverage and its parts.
  • Discuss what it means to truly understand your audience.
  • Engage Allies and Ambassadors to give your efforts velocity.
  • Discuss how you can increase leverage for ideas.
  • Locate resources that can help you accelerate an idea’s success.
Building Relationships through Thought Leadership

Thought leadership reaches new heights by recruiting allies and ambassadors.

In this workshop, we will review and utilize all we’ve learned to build and leverage relationships through thought leadership.

During the session, we will:

  • Examine the challenges of broadcasting your thought leadership.
  • Explore the definition and execution of narrowcasting to your audience.
  • Discuss what makes an effective target avatar for thought leadership.
  • Equip Allies to open doors for you and Ambassadors to speak on your behalf.
  • Recap the key concepts from the four workshops and how to put them to work.
The Four Elements for Advancing Thought Leadership
The Four Elements for Advancing Thought Leadership

If your work involves advancing thought leadership, you probably have tried to explain the term to your friends and family. Maybe more than once. It’s often an awkward conversation. People smile politely and nod.

But what is thought leadership anyway? It’s an important question to us as practitioners.

There’s a formula for thought leadership, just like there’s a formula to combine sodium and chlorine to make table salt.

Over the past twenty years, Peter Winick and Bill Sherman of Thought Leadership Leverage have worked alongside hundreds of thought leadership practitioners–both individuals and organizations.

They have seen recurring patterns within thought leadership bodies of work.

  • Introduce a way to define thought leadership.
  • Share the four elements present in all successful (mature) thought leadership
  • Explore how you can use this framework to guide your own work.
  • Create a common language among the team to discuss thought leadership