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Works in Progress

It takes courage 🏅 to share your
thoughts, experiences, and insights.
That’s “thinking in public,” and it’s hard.

Putting ideas out into the world 🌍
while they’re still “works in progress”
is not at all easy.

You may feel—vulnerable. 😳
What if people disagree?

I struggled with “thinking in public” for years.
Looking back 👀, I see why.
I hadn’t found my lane.

Early on, I wanted people to say, “Bill knows things.”
But I wasn’t clear about my topic.

I’d bounce ⚽ from interest to interest.
I was an intellectual magpie. 🐦
Collecting shiny bits of ideas.
And talking about them to whomever would listen.

(cough) Silly 😋, right?

Now, validation is far less important to me.
I’m happy to put out ideas as “works in progress.” 📝
I enjoy when people show me different POVs.
And I love a good debate with thoughtful feedback.

I know that I don’t know everything.
And I know that by putting myself out there,
I might just meet the people I need most.

It’s the same for thought leadership –
if you aren’t getting your ideas into the market
then the people who need your thought leadership the most
won’t hear you. 📣

So, stand up!
Share your thought leadership content
Even if it makes you feel vulnerable.

People need to hear what you have to say!

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