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Who are the VIPs for Your Thought Leadership?

Org TL Minute: Episode 32


Who are the most important people that you’re trying to reach through your thought leadership — your VIPs. Many thought leadership practitioners focus on reaching categories of people through their thought leadership: such as prospective buyers, analysts, media, public policy makers. And these target avatars are a really good way to be able to focus your messaging. Let’s say that one of your target avatars, though, is Chief Revenue Officers at companies doing a billion dollars or more in revenue. Great!

However, there are two problems.

First, these folks are going to receive a lot of messaging.

And second, not all of them are going to care about what you have to say.

So instead of just thinking about targeted avatars, think about actual people, by name, if you can. Make a list of the people that you already know who fit inside of a targeted avatar. Identify the most important individuals. The people that you want to reach through your thought leadership. And don’t just stop with the people that you already know. There are probably ideal VIPs for your thought leadership that you don’t have a relationship with yet. And then, for each of your VIPs, develop a strategy, How will you deliver your thought leadership to them? It often requires much more than just a post on social media. Think about relationship building and a truly personal touch. When you take this approach, you increase the odds that your VIPs will notice your thought leadership and take action.

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