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Where does AI fit within thought leadership?

Where does AI fit within thought leadership?
Noah Smith’s recent substack explores that question.
And fits it into a framework of meta-tools for creating and transmitting insights.

He argues for “three magics” that have allowed humans to solve increasingly more complex challenges over the last 5,000 or so years.

1. 📝 History–the ability to document and transmit *facts* across generations (e.g. farming techniques, geneologies, laws)

🔭 Science–the ability to make predictions by *understanding* general principles (e.g. Newton’s Laws)

3.🖲️ AI–the ability to make accurate predictions for incredibly complex problems *without understanding* the general principles in the “black box.” (e.g. #AI)

He asks an deeply interesting question — can we let go of our need to understand–especially if it helps us solve problems which are unsolvable through the first two techniques?

This piece is a wonderfully thoughtful piece for a holiday read.

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