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What makes a good thought leader?

What makes a good thought leader?
Someone who speaks up when others are silent.
A “happy warrior” who is convinced that the world
both *can and must* be better than it is today.

They patiently take time
to show others what can be done now.
And they will roll up their sleeves and
work alongside you to help you.

They celebrate the small wins and baby steps
of the people who embrace the idea.

They are always there to help
or give a word of advice.

When they speak, their voice is filled with:

💡deep relevance

When someone practices thought leadership,
they are proud parents of the ideas
that they help bring into the world.

And they are relentless advocates —
determined to create impact —
through the world of ideas.

They touch lives.
They create a deep legacy.

So, if you want to practice thought leadership.
Aspire to these goals.

You might not get there.
But the journey will be well worth it.
And the world will be better for your presence in it.

In memoriam, Dan Hawthorne, Ph.D.
His light burned brightly
and dimmed way too soon.