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What are the Core Principles of Content?

The most well-known #thoughtleaders communicate their #content 📣
quickly, clearly, and succinctly.
They know how their content can help, 📈
and where it can be applied for the most effective results.

To do that, you need to understand the bedrock, clay, and sand of your thought leadership.

Ask yourself, “What are the core principles of my content?”

🏔️ Your content has bedrock.
It’s comprised of the most fundamental principles and #insights.
The bedrock of your thought leadership needs to be solid, essentially immutable.

🧱 Your content has clay.
Clay includes principles you can adapt based on context.
These concepts might be different when applied to a specific industry, location, or issue.

🌊 Lastly, there’s sand.
Some parts of your content move like the tide, fluctuating, as trends and references come and go. Metaphorically, content’s “wet sand” are current examples. They’re only relevant in the moment.

Unfortunately, sometimes thought leaders experience
a process that might be described as “fossilization.”

They have a bit of content that starts as wet sand,
then they shove it down into the clay,
where it begins to become fossilized into bedrock.

The problem comes when you realize something that was
a great story 10 years ago,
isn’t #relevant today.

In building a platform, you have to seriously consider your content’s bedrock, clay, and sand.

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