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We Need to Repeat Ourselves!

We’re socially conditioned to avoid repeating ourselves. 📢📢📢
And that’s a liability when it comes to #thoughtleadership.

When we’re in conversation,
we want our listeners to lean in 👂
and pay attention to what we’re saying.

But many of us have developed a finely tuned instinct;
a voice which shouts a warning:
“Stop. 🛑 You’re repeating yourself!”

But the practice of thought leadership requires #repetition.
We need to repeat ourselves!

💡 First, people need to hear an idea more than once before they’ll act.

💡 Second, you’re not speaking to the same audience all the time.

💡 And third, your ideal audience might miss that brilliant post you made last month.
You remember it. They don’t. So, say it again!

In order to be effective as a thought leadership practitioner,
we need to embrace the discomfort of repetition.
We must be prepared to talk about our #ideas over and over. ⭐⭐
Repetition helps your ideas gain attention,
and ensures that your listeners absorb your #insights and embrace them.

If your goal is to change minds and influence others,
then you must be willing to joyfully embrace repetition.


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