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Virtual Thought Leader Communities | Becca Bycott


Maintaining and growing virtual communities using technology.

An interview with Becca Bycott about her work at Fiscal Note using technology and social media to create virtual thought leader communities.

Today’s guest is Becca Bycott, the Director of Thought Leadership and Engagement at FiscalNote, a technology and media company that provides information services and software that connects the world to their governments.

Becca started her role at FiscalNote during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic working remotely and developing virtual event. These programs are tailored to give executives an exclusive and interesting experience driven by thought leadership. It allows them to interact with others across various roles and industries to identify issues and solve problems together. Also, the programs include events where speakers provide unique experiences about different issue to the virtual audience.

Creating Virtual Communities

We discuss the challenges of creating virtual communities that have a sense of togetherness that face-to-face meetings do. Afterwards, Becca shares how she helps participants to go beyond attending a meeting to making them active participants.  She discusses how these personal interactions build solid relationships for years to come.

Finally, our conversation tackles common issues like Zoom fatigue. Becca explains how to move your social media away from being a one-way street of information into meaningful conversations. Plus, Becca shares some great advice for anyone looking to develop thought leadership for their company or organization.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Thought leadership aimed at executives needs to help them put the current news into a larger context. It should explain how they can be more proactive in their leadership.
  • Building virtual communities for thought leadership should create a sense of belonging. In addition, it should allow people to share the ideas and problems that mean the most to them.
  • Using social media to spread thought leadership is great but you need to be engaged in conversations and not just talking at your audience.

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