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Too Long, Didn’t Read. (TL;DR)

Ever worry that your thought leadership is tl;dr?
“Too long, didn’t read.” 📖

I’ve seen plenty of thought leadership
Where a great insight 🌟is buried in long-form assets.

Your target audience 🎪 is busy.
Put the key 🗝️ insight at the top.
Hook 🪝their interest.

For example, let’s talk about whitepapers.
They often have a cool cover page designed
by a graphic designer.
It’s visually appealing but insight-free.

What if the whitepaper’s cover
had your key insight — 🗝️
whether that’s a sentence or a model.

Lead with your best idea.
Because your audience needs a reason
to dig deeper into your thought leadership.

It’s your responsibility to make your content simple and accessible.
You audience needs you to quickly tell them
what your content is, and what it’s not.

A model provides a framework to encompass your content,
making it easier for them to understand.

Let’s face it, if Stephen Covey had written about the 70 Habits
– or worse –The 700 Habits of Highly Effective People, 😲
the book would probably not done very well.

Models organize your content, streamlining it and highlighting the essentials.
They focus on the most important parts of your thought leadership,
and helps learners grasp the basics quickly and simply.

With a model, they’ve got a handhold on your ideas –
a bridge to walk on as they cross their river of problems.

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