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Thought Leadership Visibility

It’s hard to practice thought leadership
when we have limited visibility.

Your org is probably busy planning for next year.
Likely deep in budget season.
Everyone asks: “What will next year bring?”

Your target audiences are also trying
to make sense of next year,
but facing uncertainty.

So, let’s talk about thought leadership.

How will your org’s insights help
your audiences prepare for the year ahead?

You need an answer to this question.

Because if your org doesn’t answer it.
Another org will.

We all want to be on a mountain top 🏔️
with a clear view of the horizon.

Yet much of the time we’re in a saddle point.
The low point between two mountains. 🏔️🏔️

And that’s a hard place to be.
In a saddle point, our view is obstructed.
We may only see part of the horizon.

But if you want to get to the next peak
You have to pass through the saddle point.

Here’s my advice:

⛰ Seek elevation as soon as possible.
👀 Perform a quick environmental scan
🌅 Lock on to the horizon
🪢Guide your audience up to join you

That’s how you regain the visibility you need to practice #thoughtleadership.

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