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Thought Leadership is for Everyone

Org TL Minute: Episode 11


In many organizations, thought leadership remains reserved for a select few, usually people at or near the “top of the house.”

For example, in one professional services firm with over 10,000 employees fewer than a dozen thought leaders have identified as thought leaders.

Meanwhile, other organizations asking, “What if we made thought leadership part of everyone’s responsibility? How would that change our organization?”

Well, whether your firm has 10 employees or over 100,000 employees, you probably have latent talent within your organization which could accelerate your firm’s thought leadership efforts.

Instead of relying on the usual suspects, look deeper into your organization. Seek out the high performers, who are eager for a new challenge.  Identify the high-potentials, who want to make their mark. Then, equip them with the skills and tools they need to communicate their ideas effectively to colleagues within the organization and targeted audiences outside of the organization.  Guide them and support them.

When you do that, you will

  • uncover good ideas that have been siloed deep within your organization,
  • you’ll create a succession strategy for your firm’s thought leadership efforts. and
  • perhaps most importantly, you’ll reach the firm’s thought leadership objectives sooner.

Make thought leadership part of leadership.

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