Thought Leadership for building new leaders | Tom Kolditz

Thought Leadership for building new leaders | Tom Kolditz

How thought leadership is playing a part in aiding higher education’s role in developing new leaders.

An interview with Tom Kolditz about how many Universities are failing to create new leaders and how the Dorr Institute is changing that.


Tom Kolditz is the author of Leadership Reckoning and Director of The Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University.  The Institute’s two-fold mission is to create a powerful and widely available leader development experience and improve the quality of leader development in higher education everywhere.

Tom shares how many universities include the development of leaders in their mission statement. However, he explains that few have any focused programs to bring about that mission. Many universities focus on what Tom calls “leadertainment” which has no lasting benefit.

We discuss Tom’s book Leadership Reckoning, which outlines the failure of higher education. In addition, Tom defines leadertainment and reveals how to measure outcomes and design programs to improve leadership development.

Tom informs us about the upcoming classification system from The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching that is compelling universities to listen to the problems being presented. Afterwards, he gives insight into how it will aid them in moving towards better programs for leadership development.

If you want to understand how universities can develop better leaders and why they are currently struggling to achieve that, you’ll want to listen to this episode!

Three Key Takeaways

  • Thought leadership needs to include methods of measuring outcomes. In addition, you should be tracking goals in order to truly understand its effectiveness.
  • Thought Leaders often have big ideas, but you have to cultivate the right conditions for the ideas to take root and grow.
  • Your thought leadership should include a system of checks to ensure that a client is progressing. These checks should also account for movement backwards.

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