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OrgTL Canvas – The Three-Legged Stool

At its heart, an effective #thoughtleadership #strategy
begins with alignment around three key stakeholders.
Surprisingly, we’ve seen #organizations struggle with each of these criteria. 😵‍💫
(Often, with two or more at the same time!) 🤷‍♀️

None of these alignments happen through good luck 🌟 or serendipity.
Strategy is absolutely essential. 📈
That’s why we wrote Leveraging Your Org’s Thought Leadership,
which we call “#The OrgTL Canvas”.

At TLL, we often use the metaphor of a three-legged stool,
emphasizing that it’s essential to keep all three “legs” balanced. ⚖️

What’s the benefit of thought leadership:
1️⃣ For my organization?
2️⃣ For our thought leadership practitioners?
3️⃣ For our target audiences?

If the organization’s needs are underserved,
then resources, budget, and personnel will become scarce. 🫗

If the TL practitioner’s needs are underserved, they won’t be motivated to do the work. 💤

If the Target Audience doesn’t notice the #insights or doesn’t see value,
then they won’t be able to put them to use. 🪴

Equilibrium is the goal,
but it’s often like trying to ride a unicycle 🛞 or balance on top of a Pilates ball.
You’ll constantly be making small corrections.
You can’t simply set autopilot and assume
that last quarter’s approach will remain relevant.

That’s why it’s essential to have someone responsible, full-time,
for overseeing the thought leadership function. 🫡

They don’t need to be the “ideas” person.
Their focus is to make sure that the function operates smoothly and remains balanced.

Until then, I invite you to read our white paper – and contact me if you have any thoughts or questions:
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