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The Strategic Placement of Your Thought Leadership

The strategic placement of your thought leadership material is critical.

It reminds me of the old joke:
A man going to his car drops his keys, 🗝️
and starts searching for them under a nearby streetlight.
“Hey,” says his friend,
“I thought you dropped the keys near the car?” 🚗

“I did,” says the man. “But the light’s better over here.”

Funny, right?
It’s also a great illustration of trap many individuals and orgs fall into.

I see thought leaders make this mistake over and over:
We assume that our target audience is just like us.
That we’ll find them at the same websites 💻 we visit,
reading the same articles, 📰
and listening to the same podcasts. 🎧

Really think about your best audience.
Where do they get their information?
Then, go put your thought leadership
Where they’re most likely to stumble upon it.

People who are looking for thought leadership
Can find themselves flooded by all kinds of content.

Discover what your audience actually needs,
where their pain points are,
and how you can help,

Then, make sure your insights pop up in the most strategic places!

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