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The Organizational Thought Leadership Canvas

The old ways of selling 💰aren’t working anymore.
If #organizations aren’t part of the conversation long before a buyer steps up to the sale,
The org is destined to struggle, and possibly fail.  📉

Quite simply, it’s time for #thoughtleadership as a business function to grow up.

Over the last 5 years, our firm, Thought Leadership Leverage,
created a #strategy tool we’ve named the #OrgTL Canvas.
We built this framework 🏗️ in response to the gaps we saw
when firms tried to stand up a thought leadership function and create measurable #impact. 🌍

The Organizational Thought Leadership Canvas is a document designed
to bridge 🌉 your organization’s goals and your target audience’s needs.
By using it to create a strategy for your organizational thought leadership
You can create meaningful, lasting impact
for your organization and your target audience.

Organizations that practice thought leadership
need a scalable, sustainable function that aligns
with the organization’s strategy and the target audience’s needs.

But orgs can’t implement thought leadership “ad hoc”
— without a clear strategy —
If they want their efforts to succeed. 📈
Results will remain elusive: both hard to measure and explain.

So, how do organizations create a strategy for thought leadership?
And more importantly, what are the common pitfalls 😵‍💫 that must be avoided?

Over the next few posts, I’ll explain the various parts of the OrgTL canvas.
I invite you to follow me on this journey.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive, read our new white paper
or contact me, and we’ll chat about thought leadership
and how the OrgTL Canvas can propel your #insights forward
To lasting success!
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#ThoughtLeadership #OrgTL and #Marketing