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The Introvert’s Guide to Thought Leadership

One of these days, I’ll write
“The Introvert’s Guide to Thought Leadership”
but in the meantime, here’s an excerpt —

If you want to practice thought leadership, you need to talk with other people.

Sure, you could spend the next 10 years avoiding conversations:

🌊 Flooding the world with social media posts
📎Posting a whitepaper on your website
📔 Publishing a business book.
🏈 Running SuperBowl ads about your idea.

But none of these activities — on their own — will create impact.

Thought leadership puts ideas into action at scale.

And the fastest way to do that is through conversations with the right people.

Now, to be honest, I’m not just speaking to introverts here.

Over the past few years with the pandemic, we’ve gotten out of practice around meaningful conversations.

☕talking about an insight over coffee
🍴sharing a meal and discussing opportunities
🔋whiteboarding and boosting each other’s ideas

So, here’s my challenge — identify three people who need your idea.

Then go ask if they’d be open to a conversation about your idea.

At least one person will say “yes.”

Then, go have a good, meaningful, conversation.


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