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The Internal Audience for Thought Leadership

Org TL Minute: Episode 17


An organization’s thought leadership begins at home.

Some of the most important target audiences for an organization’s thought leadership are actually its employees. People in roles such as Sales, Biz Dev, Marketing and PR.

How well do the people in your organization understand its thought leadership?

Do they get it?

Are they comfortable explaining these ideas to other people?

In the world of customer experience, there’s a principle that says your customers will never be more satisfied than your employees. Employee satisfaction becomes a ceiling for customer satisfaction. And I think we can apply this principle into the world of thought leadership. Your external target audience—the people you want to reach through your thought leadership–will never lean into your thought leadership more than your internal target audience does.

So, talk to a colleague in your organization. Ask them to explain some of your organization’s key thought leadership ideas. And then, sit back and listen. Imagine you’re a prospect during a sales conversation or a journalist receiving a pitch for article. Does the idea make sense? Is it appealing?

If you want your organization’s thought leadership to reach scale in the wider world, then must first connect your ideas to your target audience within the organization. There’s really no other way.

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