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The Four Stages of Learning

As a #thoughtleader, you ‘re an expert 🏅 in your content.
But your learners are just beginning! 📝

If you want others to master your #content,
you need to understand the four stages of learning.

🌹 At first, a learner knows very little about the content or skill.
They cannot possibly gauge how much an expert knows,
or how much effort went into learning.
They’re unconsciously incompetent! 😕

🌹 From there, the learner takes their first steps on the #learning journey.
They try, and usually,
they discover that it’s harder than they thought.
That’s conscious incompetence.
Now they can estimate how far they have to go. 🤔

🌹 Next, the learner moves to conscious competency.
They can perform the skill,
but only if they are paying careful attention as they do it.
They understand, but it’s not instinctive.
They still have to sweat every detail. 😰

🌹 Last comes unconscious competence,
When a learner masters a skill,
and can perform complex tasks without concentration.
They have the muscle memory of long repetition,
and the effort is fluid and adept. 😄

As a thought leader, you’re operating in the realm of unconscious competence.
You understand your subject instinctively and deeply.
But remember, your learners haven’t even begun!
Help them grow, and don’t expect them
to leap into unconscious competence in one fell swoop.


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