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The Biggest Hurdles in B2B Thought Leadership

Here’s one of the biggest hurdles in B2B thought leadership
Your audience hears your idea and says:
“That’s someone else’s problem — not mine.”
It happens all the time within thought leadership.

1️⃣ Maybe you’re asking your audience
to look out into the future and
prepare for a big challenge or opportunity,
However, if your audience is 100% focused on today’s tasks,
they’re not listening.

2️⃣ Or maybe your thought leadership points out a current gap —
a problem that’s very present and real today —
but no one in the organization explicitly “owns” it.
Again, they’re not listening.

In both of these cases, your intended audience
will tune out the message.

Sure, they might nod politely.
They may say nice things about your ideas.
But they very likely won’t take action.

💡Who is your intended audience for your thought leadership?
💡Do they believe they “own” the problem/opportunity space?
💡If not, how will you overcome the gap?

You’ve got to find someone who owns the problem–
or is willing to take ownership of the problem–
before they will act on your insights.

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