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“Signed” Thought Leadership

Does your org encourage “signed” thought leadership? I’ve seen a lot of anonymous thought leadership. No names. Just the logo.

We live in a #creator economy.
And thought leadership is the work of creators.
So, let’s give people credit for their insights.
Build them up.
So they get invited to speak and publish.
Help them attract followers.

Whitepapers and original research are notoriously anonymous:

Exec: “Let’s create a big prestige piece of thought leadership.”
Team: “Great!” (They think/work very hard.)
Final Draft: just our logo and brand, no names.
Team: “ugh, srsly?”

If you want more thought leadership creators in your org, then encourage more “signed” pieces.

Signed thought leadership is good for:

⭐ The creator’s personal career
👀 Your audience’s attention
📈 The org’s performance

Let people take pride in their insights.

Let your audience see how many really smart people work at your org.

That’s the power of signed thought leadership.

It can be as simple as a post under their own name, a video, a podcast, or even a prestige project.

So, what’s your org’s policy towards “signed” thought leadership?

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