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Rabbit and the Tortoise – Who Wins?

I’ve worked with people whose ideas
have changed the business lexicon.
They think and act differently.

Let’s eavesdrop on a rabbit 🐰 and tortoise 🐒
as they talk about taking ideas to scale.

(All of these quotes are from real people.)

🐰:”We’ll push out *this idea* this quarter.”
🐒: “I’m ready to talk about this idea for years, if needed.”

🐰: “This idea didn’t stick. Let’s try another idea.”
🐒: “I spent my whole career promoting one big idea until people actually got it.”

🐰: “I’ve been on book tour a month! I’m tired of saying the same things to every audience.”
🐒: “I’m happy to talk about this idea again and again.”

🐰:”So, I’ve got this new idea. I’ll focus on that instead . . . ”
🐒: “How can I better get this idea to my audience?”

🐰:”I’ve got three more big ideas (books) in my head.”
🐒:”This idea still hasn’t made the impact it should. What can I do?”

Embrace your inner tortoise 🐒.
Thought leadership isn’t a one-day project.
If you want a big idea to reach scale it can take years.

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