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Overcoming Content Insecurity

To practice thought leadership
You need to overcome content insecurity.
A lot of people have great ideas. 💡
But they hoard those insights, and never share them
because they can still see the flaws.

They’re standing too close!

When you stand within inches of the Mona Lisa, 🖼️🎨
you can see the paint strokes 🖌️, the daubs of color.

But when you step back, you marvel at its beauty.

Don’t worry so much about criticism.
Criticism makes you (and your ideas) stronger 💪
it helps you build on your insights 📈
sharpen them 📝 , and make them powerful.

Don’t hide away and try to improve an idea on your own.

Invite discussion and feedback. 📢
Listen to friendly voices.
And integrate community discussion into your process.

That’s how you overcome content insecurity.

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