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Origin Stories

I’d bet there’s not a child in the world who says, 📣
“I want to be a thought leader when I grow up!’

Every person who practices thought leadership
has their own origin story.
(We’re a lot like superheroes in that way.)

Some people were first
🔨Driven entrepreneurs who built new orgs
🧠Brilliant experts in specialized fields, like HR or Marketing.
🔝Skilled leaders of massive organizations.

And then it happened.
That really amazing person was —
(no, bitten by a radioactive spider)
–struck with an idea.

And they started to share it with others. 🌎
Soon, they were practicing thought leadership.
Perhaps even before they realized it!

Now, if you’re a thought leadership practitioner,
It’s probably a second or third act in the arc of your career.

Our “origin stories” influence how we approach our thought leadership.
Most of us didn’t study 📖 the field in college.
We didn’t work a summer internship 🌞 under a mentor.
So, we need to learn from each other.

Because sharing ideas
Supporting peers and colleagues
And helping each other improve
Is exactly what superheroes do.

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