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OrgTL Canvas – Organizational Goals

Today, I’m going to focus on another piece of the #OrgTL Canvas,
The columns located on the left of the document.
These columns are titled, “Your Organization.”

That area of the canvas has six factors:
Desired Outcome, Core Idea, Content Library, Business Drivers, Talent, and Teamwork.

In simple terms, the first column focuses on your organizational #goals.

Many organizations make major #strategic missteps in this area,
trying to do too many things:

⭐ “We’ll build our brand,
📣 we’ll generate new leads,
📈 we’ll improve our talent recruiting,
💵 AND we’ll get greater wallet-share from current clients.”

All those goals are possible through thought leadership!
But they require different #campaigns, in order to reach
different audiences. It’s best to narrow the focus of outcomes.

When we look at an organization’s capacity to execute thought leadership strategies,
many under-leverage the resources they have available. ⚖️
We’ve seen small organizations (of 10-20 people) out-execute large organizations
because they better leveraged their resources and created sustainable processes.

By truly scrutinizing what you want to achieve,
organizing your goals by priority, ⭐
and realistically assigning your resources toward those goals,
your organization has a better chance of creating
strategic, elevated thought leadership with a powerful impact.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into these insights, read our new white paper
Or contact me, and we’ll chat about thought leadership
And how the OrgTL Canvas can propel your insights forward
To lasting success!

Until then, I invite you to read our white paper – and contact me if you have any thoughts or questions:
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