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OrgTL Canvas – Future Challenges

As an organizational #thoughtleader,
Or a thought leader who wants their #insights to go to scale,
You need to know a lot about your Target Avatars.

❓ Where are they located? What role, industry, or organization?
❓ What are their pain points? What keeps them up at night?
❓ What issues do your Target Avatars need to start preparing for?

These Future Challenges should connect to your thought leadership insights –
And they may be challenges that your target avatars aren’t facing yet,
They’re only preparing to face them – and that’s where you can help.
In a B2B environment, Future Challenges may be 3-5 years ⏳ out.
But as we all know, the pace of business usually means these issues
come to the forefront sooner than any of us would like.

The Leveraging Your Org’s Thought Leadership whitepaper
(also known as the #OrgTL Canvas!) talks a lot about
“Target Avatars” and how they can be built
📈 through marketing intelligence,
👂 from salespeople listening to their clients,
📖 and by developing a deep knowledge of the industry.

If your thought leadership addresses someone’s Current Pain, you’re incredibly lucky.
More likely, you’re presenting one good insight in a world with lots of ideas.

If you’re going to reach your Target Avatars,
you need to know what topics they’re currently focused on.
It doesn’t matter if your insight addresses them or not.
That might sound strange, but thought leadership asks people to look 👀 ahead
(whether for a few months or a few⏳ years)
to see the risks and opportunities that they will face in the future 🔮.

It asks people to lift their attention from their day-to-day priorities and view the road ahead.

Take a moment and read our new white paper, the #OrgTL Canvas
Or contact me, and we’ll chat about thought leadership
And how the OrgTL Canvas can help you take your insights to scale.

Until then, I invite you to read our white paper – and contact me if you have any thoughts or questions:
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