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OrgTL Canvas – Desired Outcome

Recently, my partner @Peter Winick, and I wrote
a new white paper, Leveraging Your Org’s Thought Leadership,
which we call “The OrgTL Canvas.”
The #OrgTL Canvas is a new framework that helps #organizations
elevate their #thoughtleadership efforts.
Let’s focus on the columns to the left of the canvas,
titled “Your Organization.”

Under “Your Organization” on the OrgTL Canvas, you’ll find
a category named “Desired Outcome.” 💖

This category of the canvas focuses on business #outcomes
and a list of #metrics you can impact with thought leadership.
The list is relatively broad, and includes:

⭐ Marketing: Brand recognition, % of total addressable market reached, customer acquisition cost.
⭐ Sales: Inbound leads, qualified leads, days in #sales cycle, objections overcome, repeat business.
⭐ Talent: Key talent attraction, key talent retention, talent ready for promotion.

Yes, thought leadership can have the utility of a Swiss Army knife, ⚒️
but don’t try to take on the world 🌎 with just one strategy.

It’s better to pick one Desired Outcome
and execute it well
before you add a second.

Don’t try to create #impact everywhere at once.

Until then, I invite you to read our white paper – and contact me if you have any thoughts or questions:

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#ThoughtLeadership #OrgTL and #Marketing