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OrgTL Canvas – Content Library

I’m so excited to share more about our new whitepaper,
Leveraging Your Org’s Thought Leadership, or, as we call it informally,
the #OrgTL Canvas.

It’s a #framework created to help organizations create a strong #strategy
to elevate their thought leadership efforts.

The Content Library supports the Core Idea 💡and expands on it.
When someone says, “That’s interesting, tell me more,”
you dip into the content library 📕 and choose stories,
data, examples, case studies, 3rd party research, etc.
that really bring your Core Idea to life. 🎉

Many people get confused and think that a Content Library
needs to be a catalog of all of your produced assets,
webinars, podcasts, posts, whitepapers, speeches, etc.
That’s skipping a critical step.

The Content Library 📕 is the detail that brings a Core Idea to life
and helps #persuade others to listen, consider, and embrace it.

💡 The Core Idea is the provocative insight that evokes curiosity.
📕 The Content Library contains supporting arguments, data, and examples.
💵 The Offerings are the modalities—articles, blogs, books, short-form videos, podcasts.

You’ll note that we talk about content differently here
than someone in marketing might talk about content.
A Content Library 📕 isn’t a library of your thought leadership assets.
Instead, it’s an internal-facing collection that can be put into any of those delivery formats.

Many organizations have weak processes,
or don’t make an effort to collect the best ways
of explaining their insights to target audiences. 📢

The head of thought leadership should be curating the Content Library
and ensuring that key team members who need these tools have them available to use.

Until then, I invite you to read our white paper – and contact me if you have any thoughts or questions:
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