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OrgTL Canvas – Campaigns

#Thoughtleadership Campaigns are designed to put an idea in front of specific Target Avatars.

Preferably, those insights are shared through multiple formats and multiple modalities.
Just remember, one sunny day does not make a summer,
and one LinkedIn post does not make a campaign.

Focus on your strengths, and the way you like to share content –
But don’t forget to make sure your target audience feels the same!
If they prefer video 🎥, you won’t get strong #impact through long-form papers,
And if they’re data-crunchers 📈, they might prefer research to flashy video graphics.

For example, Peter and Bill (authors of our whitepaper,
Leveraging Your Org’s Thought Leadership
(also known as the #OrgTL Canvas!)
use different long and short forms. We each play to our strengths:

💡 Peter prefers short-form videos and long-form podcasts. He is more comfortable as a speaker.
⭐ Bill writes frequent LinkedIn posts and occasional longer whitepapers.

The more impersonal the campaign, the less likely your target audience will see it.
This is why we apply the concepts of Broadcasting, Narrowcasting and Pointcasting.

Broadcasting ☀️ uses mass-media to try to reach the widest possible audience.
Narrowcasting 🔦 focuses on places where your target audience gathers or sees media.
Pointcasting 🕯️ delivers insights personally to VIPs and high value individuals.

In our experience working with organizations,
Many rely too much on wide broadcasting 🎧 to anyone who will listen
And not enough on narrow and pointcasting 🎙️to their best audience
and that’s one of the core reasons why their ROI is sub-standard.

Start by creating the Core Idea and researching your Target Avatars. 🎯
Then, choose what persuasive elements you need from the Content Library. 📖
Lastly, you can choose the delivery format—the Offering’s modality. ✉️

Our new white paper, the OrgTL Canvas, covers these ideas in detail
or, you can contact me, and we’ll set up a time to discuss.

Until then, I invite you to read our white paper – and contact me if you have any thoughts or questions:
I write about:
#ThoughtLeadership #OrgTL and #Marketing