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Organizational Thought Leadership Systems

An organization’s thought leadership is often
a surprisingly fragile system.
Remove just a few key people —
and the whole system can fall to pieces.

If thought leadership is part of your strategy —

for GTM
for Talent Attraction and Retention
for Customer Experience
for ABM
for influencing policymakers and analyst
etc. etc.

Then you need to look at it as a system.

Creators —
What happens if a key industry expert leaves your org?
Or if they go to a competitor?

Curators  —
What if those key champions and idea shepherds
get reassigned or retire?

Deployers —
What happens when the team charged with deploying ideas gets tasked with other projects?
Or if their incentive plan gets changed?

If you’re not thinking systemically about your organization’s thought leadership, it’s likely a brittle system.

One small change in policy or loss of a key individual could make success unlikely — and perhaps impossible.

How will you build resilience into your organizations thought leadership ecosystem?

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