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Old News, Fresh Insights

Thought leadership is future-focused. 🔮
The people who create it often live in the future.
And that can be a bit of a problem.
Because they’re impatient with today. 🗓️

When you’re thinking about the future,
today’s reality may feel old and stale to you.

I’ve seen this among many thought leadership practitioners.
They lose interest in the assets they’ve created.

The book they wrote two years ago? To them, it’s old news 🗞️.
A post from three months ago? Been there, done that.  💤
The project they worked on six months ago? Ancient history. ⚱️

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Slow down, there.

Your past content is still powerful and relevant.
Why aren’t you using it?

When we start working with an individual or org,
we do a discovery request.
We ask, “What’s the heart of your content? Where is it strongest?”
And some thought leaders say, “Oh, I put those boxes 📦📦 away in the attic.”

Well, let’s go back into the attic!

You’ve done a lot of hard work, but you’re ignoring it.
You’re focused on the next big thing.
You’re living in the future, 🔮
Not realizing that current audiences may be struggling
with challenges you solved years ago!

Your “old news” may still be fresh insights to your audience.

So, go back into your attic and reevaluate those past ideas.
You may find you’ve got treasure just waiting to be found!

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