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Minimum-Viable Thought Leadership

How do we catch someone’s attention 🎺 through #thoughtleadership?
I’m a huge fan of snackable bites, 🍪
especially when it comes to insight and #ideas.
People learn better when the lessons are
small 🐁, understandable 📖, and easily digestible🍇.

Lately, I’ve started using the term “minimum-viable thought leadership” (MVTL).

MVTL offerings whet your audience’s appetite
and make them eager to learn more
about your deeper #insights.

So, how do you create a piece of MVTL?
It starts with your intent:
🍪 Distill your work down to one simple idea.
🍪 Limit your content to something someone can consume in a minute or less.
🍪 Create value for your audience.

Here are a few tips:
🍇 Don’t sell anything. Selling isn’t the point; you want to connect, inspire, and educate.
🍇 Focus, focus, focus! The sharper your message, the faster it can be understood.
🍇 Repeat the important stuff. A little repetition makes your message more memorable, and more effective.

The internet is full of distractions, and our lives are hectic.
Your thought leadership needs relevancy and quick impact
if it’s going to hold your audience’s attention long enough
to deliver your message.

Start using the principles of MVTL to attract your audience to your ideas!

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