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Measuring the Impact of Thought Leadership

How do you measure the impact of your #ThoughtLeadership?
I’ll tell you what usually doesn’t work.

👍 # of likes
⬇️ # of downloads
📢 Share of voice
🌊 Reach

These metrics give you a sweet sugar high 🍭.

They’re pretty easy to collect.
They *feel* good.
You can build a dashboard.

And then you *can* use the data to tell stories to senior leadership.

“Our Thought leadership is working and growing” you say.
Your exec champion smiles.
Everything feels good.

It’s harder–but ultimately better–to build a thought leadership dashboard that connects to your org’s business objectives.

There’s no one-size-fits-all.

You’ve got to connect your work to things the org cares about.

That’s the right way to measure thought leadership.

And the right way to report on it to your exec team.

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