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Measuring an Idea’s Quality

Here’s one of my favorite thought leadership conceits.🤔💭

One way to measure an idea’s quality is through its potential impact.

In thought leadership, ideas are like buried treasure 🏴‍☠️. But most thought leadership practitioners struggle to evaluate the quality of their own ideas.

Is the idea a flawless gem of great value 💎💍 or is it just a piece of cut glass?

🎮 I’ve been a video-game player most of my life. 🕹 There’s a conceit in gaming that instantly tells you the relative quality of an item—whether its common junk that’s best sold to a vendor or a precious, super-powerful item. ⚔

In the world of thought leadership practice, we lack a way to classify the quality of ideas. So, I borrowed the concept of a videogame “loot drop table.”

One way to evaluate the quality of ideas is to look at their actual (or potential) impact.

🥇 Are your ideas Uncommon?
🏆 Epic?
⚔ Or Legendary?

This graphic ⏬ takes the six standard levels of “loot quality” and applies those concepts to thought leadership ideas. Apply it to your ideas, junk the sell-loot, and treasure the legendary ones! 🥳🎉