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The Need for Leverage in Thought Leadership

A lot of thought leadership conversations sound like that scene in Jaws 🦈: “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”
Except it plays out something like this:

“We’re not getting impact. So . . . . we’re gonna need a bigger idea “πŸ’‘

Then people spend lots of time:
πŸ‘€ looking for a bigger ideas.
πŸ’Ž polishing a good idea to make it even better.

I take a very different approach.

If you want to change the world (or a corner of it).

Here’s my mantra —

“We’re gonna need more leverage.”

Thought leadership is helping ideas reach scale through the *selective* application of leverage.

Leverage occurs when people pitch in.
They apply *their* strength and skills to help you lift the idea up.

A good idea won’t change the idea on its own.

You need leverage — lots of it.

How are you building leverage for your thought leadership?

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